Treat yourself to a break... our new wellness centre in the heart of the Paganella Plateau

A hotel in Andalo with a wellness centre and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool with breathtaking views,
is what awaits you when you choose to spend your holiday at Regent’s Hotel!


Heated open air pool

In our hotel, this experience awaits you in an incomparably tranquil setting, as the outside pool is linked directly to the covered, heated pool, offering total relaxation amid the splendid landscapes of the Brenta Dolomites.

The comfortable outside loungers are ideal for soaking up the sun in summer after an invigorating plunge into the pool, while the inviting indoor relaxation area with its hanging loungers and fireplace will welcome you during the winter months, for an experience that completely regenerates the senses.



Indoor pool

We know our guests, and we know that your stay in our hotel in Andalo will be made even more special by the peaceful, relaxing haven of our indoor pool, which can transform even the coldest day into a memorable experience. If you’re looking for a hotel in Andalo with a pool that you can use at any time of the day, you’ll find exactly what you need at the Regent’s Hotel, where the heated indoor pool is directly linked to the open air pool, with its exceptional views of the Brenta Dolomites.

The brilliant glass panels which separate the two pools offer a window towards a spectacular landscape, rich in invigorating greenery in the summer and snow-covered and fascinating in the winter, offering total immersion in the natural world from the warm, relaxing waters of our pool. The poolside loungers and those in the warm relaxation area complete the experience, although you might also like to take a look in our health and fitness centre while you’re here.

Wellness e Spa

A hotel in Andalo with an all-new health and fitness centre and indoor and open air pools and breathtaking views is what awaits you if you decide to spend your holiday in the Regent’s Hotel!

Created to offer you unforgettable moments of relaxation and regeneration, our health and fitness centre awaits you, with its indoor and open air pools with splendid views of the Brenta Dolomites, a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, chromotherapy complex with its amazing showers, an elegant relaxation zone and an area dedicated to aesthetic treatments and massages.

Our special treatment packages will restore your strength and energy much more quickly than you think, and we’re certain that our health and fitness offer will transform the Regent’s into your favourite hotel in Trentino!

Wellbeing and aesthetic treatments and massages

The staff at our hotel will accompany you on your customised treatment package to ensure that your mountain living experience takes you to new levels of relaxation and physical and mental regeneration. Our treatment offer for the skin, body and spirit includes aesthetic treatments, massages, peeling and other personalised treatments made to measure for each guest.



Treatments to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. The combination of Longevity ComplexTM and the manual Kabat applications rejuvenate, reinforce and reposition the skin tissue, to make your face visibly younger and healthier.

This makes your skin visibly reinforced, fresh and toned, and acts as an anti-ageing treatment. Exclusive Archi-lift™ technology in combination with an Active Lift massage effectively stimulates cell regeneration, restores the fullness of the skin and redefines the volume of the face.

These treatments exploit the power of active ingredients of natural origins and, in combination with special manual applications, restore the balance of the skin, by means of custom-made solutions for each skin condition.

Fully natural, certified body and face treatments to offer intense nourishing and anti-ageing power, ideal for dry and sensitive skins. The Sacred Nature massages provide deep oxygenising and renewed energy.




These are treatments which remodel, revitalise and sculpt the body. They exploit the power of natural and marine ingredients, in combination with efficacious massage techniques.

Reinforcing and anti-ageing treatments for a perfectly toned body. Revitalising strips soaked in thermal waters in a mixture of mud and active elasticising natural ingredients to create a full face mask for the deep renewal of the skin and the activation of collagen synthesis.




An innovative massage to be taken after 5 pm, which acts on three sensory levels to create intensive relaxation, encourage sleep and help you recover from the effects of jet lag. The synergy of the blend of Tranquillity™ essential oils and the exclusive Tranquillity™ Sound and manual applications in combination with the use of soft brushes help both the body and mind to reach a state of balance and peace.

An exclusive aromatology massage and the power of the touch, for a unique and deeply relaxing experience for the body and mind.

A renovating and exfoliating massage for soft, smooth skin, rendered precious by a selection of essential oils which nourish the skin and leave it looking brilliant.

Exclusive rituals from all over the world – the exotic orient, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the lively world of India and the ancient cultures of the desert peoples, for a complete sensory experience. Each journey begins with your selection of mixtures of essential oils. From the Orient, smoothing, relaxing and anti-stress. From the Mediterranean, draining, toning and energising. From India, smoothing, easing of body and muscle pains, stimulation for the circulation. And from the Arab world, regenerating and reinforcing.

A body ritual using Himalayan rock salt, ideal for intense purifying and revitalising action. Detoxifies and reinforces the action of the remodelling treatments.

An incomparable massage with traditional Tibetan bells. An extraordinarily intense treatment which creates harmony in the body, mind and soul.

A treatment with detoxifying, relaxing and draining effect, using hot basalt stones and essential therapeutic oils. Soothes muscle pains, speeds up the metabolism and relaxes the tissues.




A delicate hair removing technique which uses high quality waxes and advanced active ingredients to slow down hair growth and create a long-lasting smooth skin effect.

Refreshing and with immediate effect, the hydrogel eye mask eliminates all signs of fatigue and reduces swelling around the eyes.

Revitalising spa treatments for smoother, softer hands and feet. Made to measure massages to stimulate the blood circulation and nourish and renew the skin in depth.