Wrap yourself in a cloud of well-being… enjoy relaxation in the Brenta Dolomites

Wellness and Spa

Slow down the pace and enjoy relaxation… dedicate your moment of well-being

Bagno turco

Our wellness area

Our wellness center was created to make you experience moments of relaxation and peace of mind.
The routes you can choose are:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • chromotherapy path with emotional showers
  • elegant relaxation area
  • area dedicated to beauty and massages to pamper you.
Sauna finlandese

The Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is an essential part of the wellness experience in our hotel. Located within the spa centre, the Finnish sauna offers you an authentic immersion in the traditional Nordic ritual of purification and regeneration.

Once you enter the Finnish sauna, you will be enveloped by a warm and enveloping atmosphere. The wooden walls give off a soothing scent and the air is warmed by glowing volcanic stones. Here you can experience the pleasure of sitting on a wooden bench and letting the heat penetrate your body, eliminating tension and promoting general well-being.

Bagno turco

The Turkish bath

Do you prefer to be greeted by a pleasant and delicate mist of steam? Then the Turkish bath is the one for you.
You will be able to sit or lie on a heated surface, letting the heat gently penetrate your body. This practice promotes muscle relaxation, relieves stress and promotes a feeling of general well-being.

After a regenerating experience in the Turkish bath, you can refresh yourself with a shower or immerse yourself in the adjacent indoor swimming pool, thus completing your wellness journey in the spa centre.

Zona relax nella spa

The relaxation area

Immersed in a quiet and welcoming atmosphere, you will be able to find a space all to yourself, where you can leave your worries behind and dedicate yourself to your well-being. Hanging loungers offer a unique experience, allowing you to swing slightly and let your body relax completely.

The relaxation area is ideal for reading a book or simply closing your eyes and letting your mind empty. The sound of relaxing music and soft light create an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity, allowing you to completely regenerate.

Massaggi e trattamenti in hotel

Aesthetics and massages

In our beauty area, you can enjoy a wide range of treatments including facials, hydrating treatments, exfoliations and much more. Our experts will use high-quality products to care for your skin, leaving it radiant and glowing.

Whether you want to indulge in an aesthetic treatment to take care of your skin or want to relax with a regenerating massage, our wellness center is the ideal place to pamper yourself and take care of yourself. Let yourself be carried away by the expert hands of our professionals and enjoy moments of pure pleasure and regeneration.