Wellness treatments

Face, Body, SPA Rituals and Massages

Relax nella spa

Give yourself a moment of well-being

Relax and Regeneration are our watchwords.

The hotel staff will accompany you on a personalized journey to enjoy your mountain holiday in total well-being.

Our proposal for skin, body and spirit care includes beauty treatments, massages, peelings and personalized wellness treatments, designed to meet the needs of each guest.

Trattamento viso

Facial treatments

Moisturizing: to nourish and hydrate the facial skin with Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera protect against dehydration in synergy with Vitamin E and Calendula with a soothing and re-epithelizing action.

Soothing: for sensitive or red skin, a pool of ingredients such as Rice Starch, Chamomile, Mallow and Bisabolol with decongestant and nourishing properties.

Purifying: for combination, oily or impure skin with Tea Tree Oil, Lavender and a mix of clays with a dermopurifying, astringent and sebum-normalizing action.

Lightening and multivitamin: formulated with natural ingredients such as Kojic Acid and Vitamin C with a brightening and antioxidant action, Macadamia Oil and Hyaluronic Acid to provide nourishment and hydration, leaving a compact, uniform and luminous complexion.

Anti Age: to combat wrinkles and signs of aging, a concentrate with seaweed polysaccharide with a lifting and plumping action enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil to deeply nourish and hydrate.

Massaggi nella spa di Hotel Regent's

Body treatments

Drenax treatment and leg massage
It promotes the reduction of water retention by reducing swelling and heaviness in the legs, the plant extracts of Caffeine, Green Tea, Ginger and Centella help to stimulate the drainage of liquids and improve circulation.

Cellulite treatment and leg massage
A mix of ingredients with different potential to combat cellulite blemishes such as Horse Chestnut to promote circulation, Green Tea and Caffeine with lipolytic and draining qualities and Shea Butter to nourish and give elasticity to the skin.

Massaggi nella spa di Hotel Regent's

Spa Rituals and massages

Relax massage: Massage with organic oils chosen from relaxing, decontracting or aromatic.

Alpine massage (massage with alpine herbal pads); Enveloping massage performed with warm medicinal herb pads alternating with manual steps to improve circulation, stimulate metabolism, revitalize body and mind.

Dorsalis massage: Restorative massage for the back where natural oils and an Arnica ointment in combination with glass cups help relieve tension and relax the muscles.

Montalcino mud massage: Draining massage with Montalcino thermal mud with a detoxifying and lipolytic action combined with a cold effect cream to improve and stimulate circulation.

Trattamenti benessere hotel Regent's

Aroma salt scrub massage: An aromatic experience for the senses with a reactivating, stimulating and nourishing action. Body scrub performed with the use of organic oils and Dead Sea salts to purify and regenerate the skin followed by the fragrant and nourishing notes of the candle massage.

Volcanic scrub massage: Volcanic powder combined with a nourishing cream for an exfoliating massage followed by a relaxing massage for soft and velvety skin.

Tranquility ritual: Relaxing aromatic face and body massage where delicate maneuvers alternate with gentle passages with soft brushes with an anti-stress and well-being action.

Salt ritual massage: Relaxing ritual carried out with hot salt stones passed dry over the body followed by the application of a detoxifying and draining compress with Himalayan Salt and then finishing with a delicate massage.

Momenti di relax


Epilation: Gentle depilatory technique that uses high quality waxes and advanced active ingredients to slow hair growth and prolong the smoothness of the skin.


Manicure with semi-permanent nail polish


Pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish